Buying a Personalised Hip Flask for Dad - The Ultimate How To Guide for 2024 Fathers Day

Three dads lined up in a boxing style arena, for the hip flask face off

The three contenders, which one is your dad? 


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  1. 1. Let's take a personalised look at the types, shall we?
  2. 2. Which Hip Flask is right for them?
  3. 3. Answering your questions about our personalised hip flasks

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages (with the appropriate level of supervision), and beings from across the cosmos who just happened to tune into this frequency by a cosmic coincidence that makes the probability of winning the lottery look like a sure bet.

Welcome to the Universal Dad Hip Flask Championship—a spectacle so grand, it’s watched by millions across the galaxy, from the plush living rooms of Earth to the slightly less plush, but equally enthusiastic, viewing platforms of the Space Station.

Let's take a personalised look at the types, shall we?

Image of a serious dad in a suit, looking focused - Is this a hip flask man?

The Serious Dad


 First up, sauntering into the ring with the confidence of a man who's just nailed the perfect lawn stripe pattern, is The Serious Dad. This paragon of responsibility wears responsibility like a badge of honor—right next to the one for "Grill Master" and "Chief Spider Remover."

He’s the sort who believes a well-organized tool (Hopefully an Engraved tool, not hinting) shed is the key to inner peace. His drink of choice? A meticulously aged whiskey, served in a glass that’s seen more life lessons than a self-help book


Image of a fun dad, smiling in the garden - An easy buy for a hip flask?

The Fun Dad

Twirling in with a burst of energy that could power a small city (or at least get the party started), we have The Fun Dad. This dad thrives in chaos, finds joy in the unexpected, and has a PhD in Practical Pranks.

He's the mastermind behind the legendary living room fort and the architect of the backyard obstacle course.

His wardrobe is a vibrant tapestry of dad chic, featuring an array of novelty ties and socks that could double as modern art.

His beverage? A craft beer with a name so punny, it deserves its own comedy special.

The James Bond Dad - A hip flask is perfect for shaken, not stirred.

The James Bond Dad

Lurking in the shadows, with a mysterious aura that could rival the dark side of the moon, enters The James Bond Fan Dad. This dad has perfected the art of turning everyday errands into espionage missions, complete with code names for the kids.

He approaches life with a suave sophistication and a hint of danger (or at least, as much danger as one can muster while negotiating peace treaties over toy sharing).

His signature drink? A martini, of course, shaken to the rhythm of a classic Bond soundtrack, garnished with an olive that's seen more intrigue than most international diplomats.

Which Hip Flask is right for them?

The Serious Dad:

  • Drinking Preference: Prefers a whiskey that's older than the concept of dad jokes, sipped solemnly in a study filled with books he's actually read.
  • Ideal Car: A vintage sedan that runs on diesel and dignity, boasting enough horsepower to command respect but not enough to suggest a mid-life crisis.
  • General Style: Wears suits that are sharp enough to file taxes, with ties that signal reliability, a personalised tie clip and shoes polished to a level where they could be used as emergency signaling devices. 
  • Motto for Life: "If you can't fix it with a tool from the shed, it's probably an existential problem."


Our recommendation? The Pewter hip flask, engraved with our Sterla Font


Serious Dad with his pewter engraved hip flask



Serious Dads need serious hip flasks. There's no time for fooling around here. The pewter hip flask is top of the line, reliable and is always topped up.

The Fun Dad:

  • Drinking Preference: Enjoys craft beers with names that sound like rejected band names, preferably drunk while grilling something he caught himself or at least claims to have caught.
  • Ideal Car: A minivan with enough hidden compartments for snacks and gadgets, and a sound system that only plays classic rock or children's songs, depending on the audience.
  • General Style: His wardrobe screams "adventure" in a range of colors so bright they're used by ships to navigate fog, complemented by sandals that have seen more action than most action movies. He'll have his trusty Labrador at his side at all times, fully equipped with their equally fun pet tag
  • Motto for Life: "Why walk when you can cartwheel?"

Our recommendation? The Jerrycan Hip Flask

Fun Dad at the baseball match, sneaking his hip flask into the stadium

The Jerry Can Hip Flask is one of the most absurd and fun hip flasks we have. It perfectly matches the fun, "not taking things seriously" personality of the Fun Dad.

The James Bond Fan Dad:

  • Drinking Preference: A martini, shaken, not stirred, with the sophistication of Bond and the practicality of someone who still has to do the school run in the morning.
  • Ideal Car: A sports car with enough gadgets to impress Q, including seat warmers that double as a reminder of his more adventurous days.
  • General Style: Dresses in a tuxedo for occasions that barely warrant trousers, with a watch that could either tell time in 24 time zones or make a decent cappuccino.
  • Motto for Life: "Live each day as if you're the protagonist in a spy thriller, even if it's just a trip to the grocery store."

Our recommendation? Our Pewter Hip Flask, personalised with his initials.

James Bond Dad in his garage, working on the aston, with his trusty personalised hip flask beside him



We know that the James Bond Dad day-dreams about driving the Aston through the hills of Italy, but that can be a little out of our price range. But a hip flask with his initials will give him the casino royale vibe, even in the man-cave.

Answering your questions about our personalised hip flasks

1 - Can I still buy dad a hip flask if he doesn't drink?


A -  Yes, indeed, you can still buy a personalised hip flask for a dad who doesn't drink alcohol. In the grand tradition of human creativity, where we've managed to make pets out of wolves and turned bouncing on the moon into a televised event, turning a hip flask into a vessel of non-alcoholic joy is child's play.

Imagine it, if you will, as a stylish container for his favorite non-alcoholic beverage, a secret keeper of the finest cold brew coffee, or perhaps a sophisticated decanter for artisanal olive oil, because why not? So, in the spirit of exploration and making the ordinary extraordinary, a personalised hip flask could be the most brilliantly appropriate gift for a dad who prefers his adventures uninebriated.



2 - Can I engrave more than text, what about his favourite artwork?

Absoutely! We can engrave the image you upload. Our designers will modify and prepare your image into a engraving-friendly format and engrave it onto your hip flask in your specified style. 

Further reading : Hawtons Engraving Guide

3 - Is my Hip Flask personalised in the UK? What about shipping times?

Our workshop is based in the UK and we complete all work there. Usually we'll complete and deliver your order within a week. 

Further Reading : Delivery Guide













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