Engraved Tools

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Engraved Tools

📖 Contents

  1. 1.Why Engrave your tools?
  2. 2. Engraving is more than just a theft deterrent
  3. 3. Engraving - Product Overview

1 - Why Engrave your tools?

Engraved tools can help identify thieves

Kicking things off with a focus on theft deterrence, it's a well-acknowledged pitfall within the industry that tools have a tendency to vanish.

Tools that bear your name or a distinctive identifier through engraving are markedly less appealing to those with sticky fingers. Essentially, this is akin to affixing a glaring "difficult to offload" label on them. The act of personalization serves as an inherent security measure, ensuring your tools are readily recognizable and, as a result, less prone to being stolen.

Fun cartoon of builder catching someone with his personalised tool

"I just borrowed it" 

Shifting the lens to the realm of site efficiency, the scene is all too familiar: a hectic workplace where tools are indiscriminately scattered, leading to inefficiencies as time is squandered identifying rightful ownership.

Here, personalized tools slice through the disorder. They enable swift identification and use, facilitating uninterrupted workflow and minimizing idle time—a boon for any tradesperson seeking to optimize job site productivity.

Engraving is more than just a theft deterrent

However, the benefits transcend mere utility; they extend into the domain of professional pride. Personalized tools are a testament to your dedication to your trade, signaling that you're more than a run-of-the-mill worker; you're a committed professional who values their craft.

This attention to detail not only earns the admiration of clients but also establishes a benchmark of excellence and organization on the job site, traits deemed indispensable within the trades. There's a lot of stereotypes in the trade, as I'm sure you have seen 

The element of sentimental value also merits attention. Tools are not merely functional apparatuses; they accompany you on your vocational odyssey. Imbuing them with your name or a heartfelt inscription bestows them with a deeper significance, elevating them to the status of potential heirlooms. They embody more than utility; they encapsulate a fragment of your professional narrative.

An engraved wrench in a gift box

Finally, in addressing safety concerns, personalized tools play a pivotal role in preventing the misuse of equipment. Clear markings facilitate the correct selection of tools for specific tasks, thereby diminishing the likelihood of mishaps.

Engraving - Product Overview

Our assortment encompasses a diverse range of tools, from refined writing instruments, and engraved knives to spirit levels, trowels and spanners.

We have a range of brands, from Magnusson to Estwing. The choice is yours!

Beautifully engraved tools. Make it yours.

Nanometer level precision, unrivalled design flexibility. 

The professional touch, or the perfect gift. We'll let you decide. 

Engraved to last.

Each order is individually prepared by hand and laser engraved to meet our strict quality standards.

Laser working on an engraved tool

Laser Annealing

Unlike etching or rotary engraving, annealing minimises the amount of material removed from the tool. This means that tools don't lose their structural integrity and have a higher degree of corrosion resistance compared to deeper engraving.

Ultra high-quality artwork 

Advanced engraving that produces amazing vector artwork without any additional colour or printing. 

Choose from our range of vector-based designs, or upload your own. 

We're at the forefront of laser based design, and our investment in fiber MOPA laser equipment allows us to modify the surfaces of various types of material, producing effects such as colour and texturization.

A personalised Hammer Tool

An Engraved Hammer

A Brick Trowel, engraved with a custom message

Excellent result on a Marshalltown Trowel

A customised wrench with a fun message

Cheeky messages allowed, within reason..

A small brick trowel tool, engraved with a vector image

An example of vector engraving

We’ve curated a range of amazing fonts for you to choose from, but if you have a particular font you wish to use, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate this. Choose from our range of handwritten, serif and display fonts.

Colour finishes created by molecular changes to the metal

Choose from a range of different finishes, which are achieved by specific parameters, and do not contain any ink, paint or other material. The oxide layer formed on the metal's surface can act as a thin film. Depending on its thickness, it can interfere with light in a way that causes certain colors to be reflected. This is known as thin film interference.

Variable Depths 

Choose from three levels of engraving depth to achieve the perfect look for your tool.


Made from the highest quality, eco-friendly materials, debossed with any font, text, or logo of your choice. Completed with custom a high-density, custom-embossed EVA foam insert for the best possible presentation.

Protective Coatings 

We offer a range of protective coatings and finishes to suit all environments.  Choose from: 

• Polyvine Crystal Clear Laquer, a water-based, non-toxic protective coating to prevent damage and corrosion in 

• Rustins Polyurethane Coating, a heavy-duty, hard-wearing clear coat. 

• ACF-50, an industry-proven coating to help prevent rust and oxidation. For products that will be regularly exposed to the elements, especially tools, we recommend choosing this option.

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