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📖 Product Guide Contents

  1. Product Specification 
  2. Personal advice and recommendation from Gary Korb
  3. Engraving and personalization guide
  4. Pewter care and cleaning
  5. Detailed product description & guide

1. Pewter Personalised Hip Flask Product Specification 

  • Colour: Silver
  • Handmade in Sheffield, England
  • Capacity: 6oz
  • Height: 120mm
  • Width: 90mm
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Classic oblong shape
  • Weight: 170g 
  • Material: Pewter
  • Packaging - Stock box

2. Personal advice and recommendation from Gary Korb

Pewter, with its rich history, offers a unique advantage—it doesn't impart any flavor to your spirits, preserving the integrity of your drink, be it a rich Scotch or a refined bourbon. The weight, the feel of it in your hand, speaks volumes about its quality. It's sturdy, yet with a gentle touch, it whispers tales of the craftsmen who molded and shaped it into the piece of art you see.

3. Engraving and personalization guide for our Hip Flasks

Step 1: Select a Size

 Gentleman deciding between two different size personalised hip flasks

Start by choosing the right size for your flask. Think about when you'll use it most—is it for a quick sip or sharing with friends? Our range includes compact sizes perfect for discreet carry, to larger options designed for longer outings. Pick the one that best fits your lifestyle.

Got a specific hip flask in mind that we don't stock? Visit our custom order page

Step 2: Choose an Engraving Type

Next, decide how you'd like to personalize your flask. You have three options:

  • Font Only: Select this for a classic, text-based personalization.
  • Font and Artwork: Combine text and imagery for a truly unique piece.
  • Artwork Only: Choose this to make a bold statement with an image.

Step 3: If You've Chosen a Font

If you've opted for a font, either alone or with artwork, it's time to pick the style that resonates with you. Browse our selection of fonts, from elegant scripts to modern sans-serifs, and select the one that matches your personality or the tone you want to set.

Step 4: If You've Selected Artwork

For those who've chosen artwork, whether standalone or alongside text, use our upload function to add your design. Ensure your artwork is clear, high-resolution, and fits within the specified dimensions for the best results. Whether it's a personal emblem, a meaningful symbol, or a cherished graphic, we'll ensure it's captured in stunning detail on your flask.

Finalizing Your Custom Flask

Once you've made your selections, review your choices and visualize your custom flask. This is your creation, a reflection of your style and taste. When you're satisfied, submit your design, and we'll take care of the rest, crafting a hip flask that's as unique as you are.

Further reading: Our Engraving Guide

4. Pewter Hip Flask care and cleaning

A hip flask, made from pewter, being cleaned

1. Gentle Washing: After each use, rinse your flask with warm water. Avoid hot water, as extreme temperatures can be unkind to pewter. If it’s held something sweet or flavored, a mild soap can be used, but sparingly. Rinse thoroughly to ensure no soap residue remains.

2. Drying: Pewter dislikes moisture when it's not in use. After washing, dry your flask immediately with a soft cloth. Be gentle, allowing the cloth to absorb moisture without harsh rubbing that could mar the surface.

A fun vintage poster of brasso polish, used for a personalised hip flask

3. Polishing: Pewter’s charm is in its soft, lustrous sheen, not a high polish. Use a special pewter polish if it begins to tarnish. Apply with a soft cloth, rub in circular motions gently, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember, the goal is to revive, not alter, its stately appearance.

4. Storage: When not in use, store your flask in a dry place away from direct sunlight and extremes of temperature. A drawer or a cabinet works well, ideally with a soft cloth to nestle it, ensuring it’s not jostling against harder objects that could cause scratches.

5. Use It Well: Pewter flasks are meant for spirits and should not be used for acidic beverages like fruit juices or mixers. The purity of your whisky or brandy is not only preserved by pewter but celebrated. Regular use, believe it or not, is beneficial—it prevents the flask from languishing and encourages the gentle patina that adds character over time.

6. Mind the Cap: The cap of your flask, often overlooked, requires care as well. Ensure it’s tightly closed but not overtightened after each use, and clean around the seal to prevent any buildup that might affect its closure.

A pewter hip flask with a naturally developed patina

7. Embrace the Patina: Lastly, understand that pewter will develop a patina over time—a testament to its journey with you. While care and maintenance are key, the natural aging process is part of its charm, lending it a distinguished look that's uniquely yours.

Following these guidelines will ensure your pewter hip flask remains a faithful and fine companion for years to come, ready to share a discreet sip of warmth, celebration, or solace, whenever the moment calls.

Crafted from the finest pewter, this hip flask is no ordinary trinket. It is a testament to the art of personalization, where each flask is not just made but born, bestowed with initials, a date, or perhaps a quote that makes it unequivocally yours. It's the kind of item that, much like a well-loved book, becomes more precious with time, its surface telling stories not just etched in its metal but in the very essence of its being.

5. Detailed product description & guide

Why Pewter is the time-proven, old-school choice for hip flasks

Every sip from this flask is a wink, a nod to the joy of living life with a touch of irreverence. Imagine pulling out your personalized pewter companion at a wedding, only to share a secret smile with it before taking a discreet swig. It's the adult equivalent of passing notes in class, a small rebellion against the mundane.

The Noble Origins of Pewter, and why it's the posh hip flask material

Pewter Hip Flask Orgins

Now, for a dash of education amidst our merriment, let's delve into a fun fact: Pewter, the material of our distinguished flask, boasts a lineage of luxury. Once the choice material for the tableware of the aristocracy, it now serves a more spirited purpose. Thus, when you clutch your flask, remember, you're holding a piece of history, a nod to a time when to dine and drink was to partake in an art form.

 Want to learn more about we choose Pewter? Check out our article : Pewter, why it's the king of hip flask materials.

Personalisation by the professionals

What makes this flask truly unique is the alchemy of personalization. Like a bespoke suit or a tailored gown, this flask is customized to fit not your body but your spirit. Engraving it with your initials, a special date, or a quote that tickles your intellect turns this pewter piece into a personal talisman, a magic potion holder that carries your essence in liquid form.

Aren't hip flasks a bit old school? Maybe, but they're old-school cool.

Let's not skirt around the delightful absurdity of carrying a flask. There's something inherently cheeky about it, a silent chuckle in the face of propriety. It's for the bold, the spirited, and those who appreciate a good pun as much as a good pun(ch). After all, why settle for the grape when you can have the nectar of the gods at your hip, ready to inspire or console at a moment's notice?

Engrave your Hip Flask for all occasions

Consider, if you will, the myriad of occasions this flask could elevate: a somber ceremony turned bearable with a sip of courage, a celebration made sweeter with a shared secret between friends, or a solitary moment of reflection made richer with a drop of your favorite distillation. This flask is not just a container; it's a companion through the highs and lows, the festive and the mundane.

A flask is a Companion

Hip Flask Pouring a nice beverage

And here lies our second fun fact: The act of carrying a hip flask is a tradition that spans centuries, a companion of explorers, adventurers, and thinkers. It whispers tales of distant lands, of secrets shared under the stars, and of the sweet taste of adventure. When you carry this personalized pewter hip flask, you're not just carrying a beverage; you're carrying the spirit of exploration, a lineage of adventurers that whispers, "Go forth and conquer," be it a mountain or a Monday.

Hip Flasks are a Toast to Individuality

As our tale draws to a close, let us raise our imaginary glasses to the personalized pewter hip flask, a marvel of craftsmanship, a beacon of individuality, and a vessel of joy. It's a reminder not to take life too seriously, to cherish the moments of quiet rebellion, and to always keep a little magic (and a little liquid) up your sleeve.

P.S; Don't get caught!

Image of a gentleman attempting to sneak his hip flask into a club

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