James DS (1998). Antique jewellery: its manufacture, materials and design

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Our Review of  Antique jewellery: its manufacture, materials and design, by James DS (1998).


Engraved Antique Jewelry

At a glance

Through the pages, the book meticulously demystifies the age-old techniques that craftsmen employed to shape metals and gemstones into wearable art. It's fascinating to learn how alchemical practices of yesteryears laid the groundwork for modern metallurgy.

In Detail

The narrative draws parallels between the transformation of base metals into lustrous artefacts and the metamorphosis of everyday experiences into tales of wonder, much like Dahl's own storytelling technique.

The materials section reads like a geologist's adventure, delving deep into the Earth's crust to unearth the origins of gemstones that adorn these antique pieces. It's a thrilling expedition, from the fiery birth of diamonds in the Earth's mantle to the serene formation of pearls within the ocean's depths.

The scientific references are robust, citing studies from mineralogy and gemology that explain the properties making each stone unique, offering a backdrop to the jewellery's allure that's both poetic and palpably real.

Design elements of antique jewellery are unraveled not just as aesthetic choices but as reflections of the cultural and historical epochs they hail from. This segment feels like decoding a secret language, where each motif and pattern tells a story of societal values, technological advancements, and artistic movements.

The discussion on design evolution is underpinned by references to art history, providing a scholarly lens through which to view these adornments.

In personal reflection, navigating through the book feels akin to journeying through a meticulously curated museum exhibit, guided by the hand of a narrator with Dahl's flair for revealing the extraordinary within the ordinary. The scientific rigour underpinning the discussion elevates it from mere admiration of beauty to an appreciation of the ingenuity and innovation that antique jewellery represents.

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