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Our Personalised Lighter Buying Guide

Personalised Lighter Buying Guide



Introduction to lighters

To select a lighter is to choose a friend. It must be reliable, strong, and, above all, a reflection of oneself. The market is vast, filled with names big and small, but the quest for the perfect personalized lighter is deeply personal. It's about finding a flame that lights up not just your cigarettes or your campfire but also, in some small way, your soul.

Key Considerations

  • Durability: In life, as in lighters, strength is paramount. Choose one that can stand the test of time, weather, and the occasional drop.
  • Functionality: It must do its job, light when asked, every time, without fail. A lighter that works is a lighter worth having.
  • Aesthetics: Here, the personal touch comes into play. It should be pleasing to the eye, for what is the use of a tool that does not inspire?
  • Type: Fluid or gas, simple flame or torch, the choice is yours. Consider what you'll be using it for most.

Well-Known engraved lighter Brands

In the world of lighters, some names stand above others. These are the ones that have proven themselves against the test of time and use.


A Black Zippo Lighter, personalised with initials

The classic. Sturdy, windproof, and endlessly customizable. A Zippo is not just a lighter; it's a statement.

the name Zippo instantly evokes a sense of rugged dependability, an emblem of American resilience as enduring as the mountains themselves. Possessing a Zippo means holding onto a slice of history, with each flick symbolizing a commitment to unmatched quality.

It transcends being merely windproof—it stands as a steadfast beacon amidst tumultuous storms, a flame that defies the fiercest winds. The true charm of a Zippo lies in its capacity to embody your personal narrative, transforming its metallic surface into a testament of your adventures.

Be it adorned with the initials of a cherished companion, a date worth commemorating, or an emblem that resonates deep within, a Zippo transcends its identity as a mere lighter.

It becomes a declaration of individuality, a testament of personal ethos, sculpted from metal and ignited by flame.


Engraved Bic Lighter on wooden table

Reliable and straightforward. BIC lighters are the workhorses of the lighter world.

In contrast, the BIC lighter exudes a subtle sophistication through its minimalist design, eschewing the pomp of metal or the allure of personalization for sheer functionality.

BICs serve as the unsung heroes among lighters, embodying readiness and reliability. Their ignition is a familiar cadence, heralding the comforting embrace of a flame. For the wanderer, a BIC emerges as a faithful ally, its unwavering flame a beacon of consistency amidst the flux of travel.

The allure of a BIC is found in its unadorned simplicity, a testament to the inherent beauty of practicality, serving as a counterpoint to a world captivated by aesthetics over utility.

ST . DuPont

St Dupont lighter on an oak table, customised with a logo

  • The pinnacle of luxury. For those who demand elegance along with functionality, S.T. Dupont offers unparalleled craftsmanship.

To ignite a cigar with an S.T. Dupont lighter is to partake in a tradition of opulence. These lighters cater to the aficionados, those who weave excellence into the fabric of their existence.

The weight of an S.T. Dupont lighter signifies not just superior craftsmanship but a celebration of luxury, its flame a soft murmur of extravagance. Each unit is a masterpiece, shaped with the meticulousness of a jeweler, not merely to produce a flame but to spark a deeper appreciation for elegance.

Owning an S.T. Dupont is a declaration of refined taste, an acknowledgment of a life adorned with the luxuries that elevate the mundane into moments of style and sophistication.


Known for their innovation and quality. Colibri lighters are for the modern man, the explorer of the urban jungle.

Colibri lighters are designed for those who traverse the city's labyrinth with confidence, for whom every tool is a fusion of aesthetics and efficiency.

Carrying a Colibri means more than having a means to light a fire; it means being equipped with a symbol of modern ingenuity, a testament to the reliability of advanced technology. It's the lighter of choice for the visionary, for the adventurer who aims to master not only the wilds of nature but the intricate challenges of city life.

Personalization Tips & Questions

To personalize a lighter is to give it soul. Here are ways to make it uniquely yours:

  • Engraving: Names, dates, quotes. What speaks to you? Have it etched forever.
  • Color: Choose one that reflects your personality, your favorite color, or something that matches your style.
  • Images:  A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. What will yours say about you?
  • Special Editions: Often, brands release limited editions. These can be a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Further reading: Engraving Guide

Question: What personalised lighter is right for me, or my gift receiver?

A 1/2: First, Assess Your Requirements

  • Frequency of Use: Determine how often you’ll be using the lighter. Is it a daily necessity, an occasional tool, or something you’ll rarely need?
  • Usage Environment: Consider the primary environment in which the lighter will be used. Will it be exposed to indoor conditions, outdoor elements, or perhaps challenging windy situations?
  • Intended Purpose: Clarify the lighter's primary function. Will it serve to light cigarettes, illuminate candles, aid in camping, or for some other specific activity?
  • Design Preferences: Reflect on whether the aesthetic appeal and tactile feel of the lighter are important to you.
  • Financial Plan: Decide on a budget. How much are you prepared to invest in a lighter?

Further reading: Lighter discussion on Quora

1: 2/2 Second, Explore your Material Options


  • Plastic: Known for its lightweight, affordability, and diverse color range. Best suited for those who use lighters sporadically or are mindful of their expenditure.
  • Metal (Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass): Praised for its robustness, resistance to wear, and premium sensation. Optimal for regular users and those engaging in outdoor pursuits. While metal lighters come with a higher price tag, their reliability and longevity often justify the investment.
  • Wood: Distinguished by its unique look and eco-friendly nature. Though wood lighters are more rare and may carry a higher cost, they lack the durability of metal alternatives.
  • Recycled Materials: Tailored for individuals prioritizing environmental sustainability, these lighters blend eco-consciousness with performance, without sacrificing functionality.

Take a closer look at how materials perform in the atmosphere, and how a lighter's material must be matched to it's intended environment.

Key Considerations in Material Selection

  • Durability: Metal variants generally offer greater durability compared to their plastic or wood counterparts.
  • Maintenance: While metal lighters might necessitate ongoing maintenance (such as refilling or wick replacement), they tend to be more dependable over time.
  • Eco-Friendliness: If environmental sustainability ranks high on your list of priorities, opt for lighters crafted from recycled content or sustainable wood sources.
  • Portability: Plastic lighters boast the advantage of being lightweight and easily portable, whereas metal lighters, though heavier, may impart a sense of solidity and trustworthiness.
  • Investment: Plastic lighters represent the most economical choice, while opting for metal or wood lighters entails a more significant financial commitment.

Personal Recommendations

  • For Daily Users: A metal lighter, be it aluminum, stainless steel, or brass, is advisable for its resilience and consistent performance.
  • For Occasional Users: If your usage is infrequent, a plastic lighter could well suffice, offering a budget-friendly solution.
  • For Outdoor Aficionados: Consider a robust metal lighter or one specifically engineered for outdoor use, capable of withstanding wind and moisture.
  • For the Environmentally Conscious: A lighter manufactured from recycled materials or sustainable wood might align best with your values, blending functionality with eco-responsibility.

    Caring for your lighter

    Caring for your personalised lighter, an owner showing a customer how to polish a zippo lighter

    Refilling your zippo or zippo style lighter

    You will need:

    • Lighter fluid of commendable quality, Zippo or Ronsonol advised. For opinions on each brands, find out what others are saying here
    • A diminutive screwdriver, though not necessary for this particular endeavor.

    To fill your Zippo:

    Zippo engraved lighter being filled with fluid

    • Ensure the lighter bears no warmth to the touch, safeguarding against mishaps.
    • Pry open the Zippo, withdraw the insert from its housing. Grasp the casing in one hand, the other to coax the insert free.
    • At the insert's nadir, a felt pad lies. Lift this to uncover the cotton beneath, the reservoir for your fluid.
    • With a measured hand, dispense your fluid into the cotton. Aim for saturation, yet guard against excess, which invites spillage. Cease when the fluid nears the brim.
    • Pause, allowing the cotton to imbibe the fuel.
    • Restore the felt pad to its place, slide the insert back into its shell. It should sit snug.
    • After a moment for evaporation of surplus, strike the flint wheel. A robust, unwavering flame should greet you.

    Replacing the wick on your lighter

    Removing a zippo wick from an engraved lighter

    In the business of keeping a flame alive, one must attend to the heart of the matter—the wick. You'll be needing a fresh Zippo wick, something in the way of needle-nose pliers or tweezers, and perhaps a small screwdriver, should the flint wheel throw you a challenge.

    1. Remove the Insert: Open your Zippo and gently pull the insert out from the casing.
    1. Remove the Felt Pad: Lift the felt pad at the bottom of the insert to expose the cotton filling and the current wick.
    1. Pull Out the Old Wick: Using your needle-nose pliers or tweezers, gently pull the old wick out from the top of the insert. If the wick is very short or hard to grasp, you might need to remove some of the cotton filling to get a better grip.
    1. Thread the New Wick: Take your new wick and begin threading it through the hole at the top of the insert where the old wick was removed. Gently pull it down into position. Ideally, you want the wick to weave in and out of the cotton filling inside the insert, which helps with fuel absorption and consistent burning.
    1. Adjust Wick Length: Ensure that about 1/4 inch (or about 5 mm) of the wick is exposed above the chimney of the insert. This is the optimal length for lighting.
    1. Repack the Cotton Filling: If you removed any cotton to access the wick, carefully repack it around the new wick. This helps with fuel absorption and ensures a smooth flow to the wick.
    1. Replace the Felt Pad: Put the felt pad back over the cotton filling and secure it in place.
    1. Reinsert the Lighter Insert: Place the insert back into the lighter casing, ensuring it fits snugly and securely.
    1. Test Your Lighter: After letting it sit for a minute, strike the flint wheel to light the lighter. You should see a strong, steady flame.

    Official video guide:

    Tips for Wick Maintenance:

    • Regular Checks: Periodically check the wick for length and quality. If the wick appears blackened or charred significantly, it's time for a replacement.
    • Trimming: Between replacements, you can trim the charred portion of the wick to extend its life. Just make sure to adjust the length properly afterward. Check out what others are saying here

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