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Personalised Hip Flasks - Engraved in the UK- Including our 2024 guide

Everything about our hip flasks. Our comprehensive guide for 2024

📖 Contents

  1. 6 Steps to choosing the right hip flask

  2. The hip flask selection Mindmap

  3. Caring for your Hip Flask

  4. Personalising your hip flask

  5. My own cleaning routine for my hip flask


In the grand tapestry of the universe, where the meaning of life is a hotly debated topic (42, as some would argue), the hip flask serves as a beacon of comfort and civilization. It's not just a container; it's a statement. A statement that says, "Yes, I do indeed carry the essence of the stars in my pocket, and I am ready to share it or contemplate the mysteries of existence with a sip."

1 - 6 Steps to choosing the right hip flask

1, Chapter 1: Material Matters: From Stainless Steel to the Heart of Gold

Selecting the material of your hip flask is the first step in your journey. You see, much like choosing the material for your spaceship, it must be resilient, stylish, and capable of handling the contents without altering the taste or, in the worst case, exploding in a supernova of regret.

A stainless steel hip flask, with trading card style stats  around it


  • Stainless Steel: The workhorse of hip flasks. Durable, resistant to corrosion, and unlikely to impart any flavors to your beverage of choice. It's the Ford Prefect of materials – reliable, ubiquitous, and perfectly blend-in-able.
  • Pewter: Choosing pewter is like opting to travel the galaxy in a vintage spaceship with leather seats and a wood-paneled dashboard.
  • Silver: For those who have discovered the secret to infinite improbability and thus have infinite budget. Silver flasks are the Zaphod Beeblebrox of choices – flashy, expensive, and sure to make a statement.
  • Plastic and Glass: While not as common or revered as their metallic counterparts, these are the Vegan Rhinoceros of the flask world – rare, a bit peculiar, and for those who are very specific about their needs and impacts.


Two hip flask trading card style images, showing benefits of each material

Want to decide on your material and love graphs? Check out our Hip Flask Mind Map

1, Chapter 2: Size and Shape – The Geometry of Intoxication

The size and shape of your hip flask are crucial. They dictate not only how much of your favourite liquid you can carry but also how comfortably it fits in your pocket or hand. Here we apply the Goldilocks Principle – it must be just right.


  • The Standard Rectangle: This is the Marvin of hip flasks – reliable, fits most pockets, and if it had feelings, would probably feel quite depressed about being so ordinary.
  • The Curved Flask: Designed to snugly fit against one's body, these flasks understand the importance of a good hug. It's the Trillian of designs – adaptable, comforting, and always where you need it.
  • Novelty Shapes: For those who navigated through the Wormhole of Weirdness and came out wanting a flask shaped like a banana. Remember, with great novelty comes great responsibility – and possibly questioning glances.


1, Chapter 3: The Lid – Not Just a Top, But a Gateway

The lid of your hip flask is the guardian of your galaxy of spirits. It should be secure, easy to open (but not too easy), and attached, so it doesn't wander off into the universe, never to be seen again.

  • Screw Tops: The standard. Ideally, it should be attached with a hinge or arm, because, much like socks in a washing machine, unattached lids have a knack for disappearing.
  • Captive Tops: These are attached tops. They stay with you through thick and thin, like a loyal companion or a particularly clingy Cat.

1, Chapter 4: Engraving – The Personal Touch of the Universe

Laser engraving of a personalised hip flask

Engraving, adds that personal touch, transforming it from a mere drinking vessel into a cherished possession that might one day be hurled into space to confuse alien civilizations. Whether it's your name, a quote, or coordinates to your favorite bar, it adds another level to your hip flask.

1, Chapter 5: The Art of Maintenance – Keeping Your Universe Tidy

Maintaining your flask ensures it remains a trusty companion on your galactic travels. Regular cleaning, especially if you switch between spirits, is essential to prevent the ghost of drinks past from haunting your flask.

Further reading: Hawtons Hip Flask Maintenance Guide

1, Chapter 6: The Flask Etiquette – Sipping with Sophistication

There's an art to flask usage. It's for sharing, for moments of reflection, and for when you're lost in the vastness of space (or a particularly dull party). Remember, the aim is to be like Ford Prefect: unassumingly cool, not like Zaphod Beeblebrox: flamboyantly foolish.

Epilogue: The Quest for the Perfect Flask

In the end, choosing the right hip flask is a personal journey, one that reflects your style, needs, and the adventures you plan to undertake. 

So, as you stand on the brink of this decision, remember: the best flask is the one that serves you well in the pursuit of life, the universe, and everything – preferably with a touch of whimsy and a dash of spirit.

2 - 🗺️ The hip flask selection Mindmap 🗺️

Who doesn't like visual data? Quickly compare the different types of material for your hip flask, without having to read through the smallprint!

A mind map designed to help compare the differences between materials for hip flasks, which is a key point when personalising.

3 - 🧼 Caring for your Hip Flask

📖 3 - Contents

  1. 3 - Chapter 1: The Cleansing Ritual, or How to Prevent Your Flask from Becoming a highly contained smell vessel.

  2. 3 - Chapter 2: The Filling Conundrum, or How Not to Spill Your Spirits

  3. 3 - Chapter 3: The Noble Act of Sharing, or How to Offer a Sip Without Germs

  4. 3 - Chapter 4: The Journey Home, or How to Ensure Your Flask Lives to See Another Adventure

  5. Chapter 5: The Perpetual Bond, or How to Form a Lasting Relationship With Your Hip flask

First and foremost, understand that your hipflask is more than metal; it's a repository of adventure, a keeper of warmth, and at times, a sneaky companion at overly long ceremonies. To care for it, you must know it. Made primarily from stainless steel, pewter, or the tears of teetotaling ancestors (just kidding, or are we?), hipflasks are designed to hold your preferred liquid courage securely and stylishly.

Funny poster with "no dirty hipflasks"

3 - Chapter 1: The Cleansing Ritual, or How to Prevent Your Flask from Becoming a highly contained smell vessel.

Before you even think about filling your flask with that 18-year-old Scotch you've been saving for the "right moment," let's talk cleanliness. Your flask prefers its accommodations spotless, free from the ghosts of beverages past. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensuring your flask remains as pristine as your intentions:

A personalised hip flask being cleaned with soap and water

  1. Soap and Water: Start with the basics. Warm water and mild soap are your best friends, much like those folks who insist on telling you their entire life story at the bar. Rinse thoroughly to avoid turning your next sip into a bubble bath.

  2. Rice and Vinegar: For the more stubborn residues, a concoction of vinegar and rice acts as a gentle scrub, much like the universe's way of exfoliating. Shake it as though you're mixing a cocktail in zero gravity, and then rinse with the enthusiasm of a supernova.

  3. Baking Soda for the Brave: If your flask still holds the scent of last week's experiment, a baking soda paste could be your knight in shining armor. Apply, let it sit while you contemplate the meaning of life (or what to have for dinner), and rinse. It's so good, there's even an entire book dedicated to it's cleaning use!

3 - Chapter 2: The Filling Conundrum, or How Not to Spill Your Spirits

Filling your flask is an art form, requiring the precision of a rocket launch. Use a funnel, or if you're feeling particularly adventurous, a piece of paper rolled into a cone shape. This prevents the tragic loss of spirits, akin to a black hole swallowing stars.

3 - Chapter 3: The Noble Act of Sharing, or How to Offer a Sip Without Germs

In the spirit of camaraderie and adventure, sharing your flask is a noble act. However, in these times of heightened awareness around germs, consider pouring into a small, portable cup. Or, adopt the ancient ritual of "air sipping" where one pretends to sip without touching the flask, a practice as effective and convincing as pretending to know about quantum physics at a party.

3 - Chapter 4: The Journey Home, or How to Ensure Your Flask Lives to See Another Adventure

After the adventures have been had and the spirits have been shared, the journey home begins. Empty your flask promptly to avoid unwanted residue or the creation of a new life form. A final rinse before storing it away ensures that it will be ready for your next escapade, be it terrestrial or celestial.

3 - Chapter 5: The Perpetual Bond, or How to Form a Lasting Relationship With Your Hip flask

Finally, remember that your hip flask is more than just an accessory; it's a companion on the journey of life. Treat it with care, respect, and a dash of humor, and it will serve you well through all your adventures, misadventures, and the occasional misstep into intergalactic diplomacy.

The care and maintenance of your hip flask should not be taken lightly. It requires attention, dedication, and a sense of humor, much like navigating the vast and confusing expanse known as life. Follow these guidelines, and your hip flask will be more than just a container; it will be a storyteller, a confidant, and a friend. So here's to the hip flasks of the world—may they be forever filled with spirits, stories, and the occasional interstellar surprise. Cheers!

4 - Personalising your hip flask

 A customer choosing the font for their personalised engraved hipflask

Chapter 1: The Typeface Odyssey

Choosing the right font for your hip flask is akin to selecting the perfect spaceship for your intergalactic adventures.

It's not just about getting from point A to B (or from sober to slightly merry); it's about doing so with style and personality. Will you choose the sleek and modern Helvetica, as unassumingly sophisticated as a stealthy Vogon demolition ship? Or perhaps the timeless elegance of Times New Roman, which, much like the petunias in the heart of a whale falling from a great height, evokes a sense of bewildered beauty?

But beware the siren call of Comic Sans, lest you want your flask to be taken as seriously as the plans for the hyperspace express route through Earth were by its inhabitants.

Chapter 2: Vector Engraving – The Precision of Laser Beams

Vector engraving on your hip flask is the technological marvel of our times, much like the Infinite Improbability Drive, but with a significantly lower chance of turning your flask into a penguin. This process allows for precise, clean lines that can bring your wildest designs to life – from the elegant simplicity of your initials to the complex beauty of a galaxy far, far away.

Imagine the awe-inspiring sight of your artwork, etched with the precision of a thousand well-coordinated mice (or perhaps just a very sophisticated laser), gracing the surface of your flask. It's an opportunity to make a statement, whether that's "I love cats" in Elvish script or a detailed depiction of the aforementioned unladen swallow's flight path.

Chapter 3: Uploading Your Own Artwork – The Universe Is Your Oyster (or Hip Flask)

Customer uploading their artwork for their hip flask to be engraved and personalised

In this age of marvels, you have the unprecedented opportunity to upload your own artwork for your hip flask. Yes, you heard right. If you've ever dreamt of immortalising your cat wearing a spacesuit or a detailed sketch of your favourite molecular structure, now's your chance. The process is as simple as convincing yourself to sneak your hip flask to the expensive bar with you – which is to say, easier than you might think. Just don't get caught!

Simply select a high-resolution image, free of the existential dread that usually accompanies creating art, and upload it via our product designer, and leave the rest to us!

 5 - 🔮 My own cleaning routine for my hip flask 

After each use, I make it a point to rinse it out with warm water. If the flask has held something particularly potent or sugary, a bit of mild soap helps, followed by a thorough rinse to ensure no soap residue remains. It's crucial to keep those flavors pure for the next adventure.

Drying is just as important; I leave it open and upside down to ensure no water lingers. Every now and then, especially if it hasn't been used in a while, a baking soda and water paste gently scrubbed inside freshens it up. Just a tiny brush or a shake with the paste inside does wonders. Rinse it well afterward, of course.

For the exterior, a soft, damp cloth keeps the metal or leather looking its best. I avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the finish.

Storage is the final step in the care ritual. Keeping the flask slightly ajar allows air to circulate, preventing any musty buildup and ensuring it's always ready for the next outing.

It's a simple process, really, but it's these little acts of care that have kept my flask a reliable companion over the years, always ready to offer a warming sip when the moment calls for it.

Further viewing : How to clean your flask

Thanks! - Toby

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