A Personalised Hammer: The Perfect Father's Day Gift

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and you’re probably wondering what to get your dad this year. While ties and socks are classic options, they can be a bit predictable and unoriginal. If you want to give your dad something truly special, consider a personalized hammer.

Impress your loved ones with a truly unique and thoughtful gift – a personalised hammer! Unlike traditional presents, a customized hammer helps you express gratitude for the recipient in style. In addition, it is something they can use regularly in their household repairs or DIY projects. Discover why a personalized hammer is an ideal choice for all occasions.

 One of our personalized hammers

One of our personalized, engraved hammers

Why a Personalised Hammer is the Perfect Gift 

A personalized hammer is more than just a tool. It’s a symbol of your dad’s hard work, dedication, and passion for his craft. It’s also a thoughtful gesture that shows you’ve taken the time to think about his interests and preferences. Here are some reasons why a personalized hammer is the perfect gifts for dads.

Personalized: A personalised hammer can be engraved with your dad’s name, initials, or a special message. This makes it unique and one-of-a-kind, just like your dad.

Useful: A hammer is a tool that every DIY enthusiast needs. Whether your dad is a carpenter, a handyman, or just loves fixing things around the house, a personalized hammer will always come in handy.

Sentimental: A personalized hammer is not just a tool, but also a sentimental reminder of your love and appreciation for your dad. Every time he uses it, he’ll think of you and the special bond you share.

What can I engrave on my personalised hammer 

What can I engrave on my personalised hammer?

Engrave a special message:

Instead of just engraving your dad’s name, consider adding a special message that shows your love and appreciation. It can be a quote, a joke, or a heartfelt note that your dad will cherish forever.

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Engrave a special message on your tool 

Add a decorative touch

We can engrave complex vector-based artwork, such as roses and floral patterns

Personalized Pet Tag engraving

Show your loved ones how much you care about their DIY projects by giving them a customized hammer that’s guaranteed to perform better and last longer than cheaper alternatives. With options for engraving names, dates, and special messages, it’s the perfect way to add a personal touch to every gift-giving occasion. 

When it comes to graduation gifts, give something they’ll really use–a personalised wooden hammer! Engrave their name and graduation date on it and watch as they thank you for such a unique and thoughtful idea. 

How do I choose a hammer brand to personalise?

Choosing a brand comes down to two general things; Personal preference and price.

Hammers can vary greatly in price, so we’ll go over the brands we offer to help you decide. 

Estwing hammer which can be personalized

Magnusson Engraved Tools

A great option for those not wanting to spend too much, but still have a quality, durable hammer

personalised magnusson tools


Let’s talk about Estwing – the go-to brand for durable, comfortable, and attractive striking and struck tools. Since 1923, the Estwing family and its team have taken immense pride in crafting top-quality tools that truly offer value to those who use them on the job, at home, or in the great outdoors.

And let me tell you about their groundbreaking innovation – the Shock Reduction Grip®. This incredible invention, introduced in 2001, offers the best grip available for reducing vibrations caused by impact, giving you the ultimate in comfort and durability. It’s no wonder that this patented innovation has set the standard for ergonomically correct hammers for decades to come.

But that’s not all – Estwing continues to push the boundaries with their engineering and production of new handtools. Their product development specialists are always hard at work, creating the most innovative and longest-lasting tools on the market.

And the best part? Estwing is committed to American-made tools not just for today, but for tomorrow as well. So, if you’re looking for tools that are durable, comfortable, and innovative, look no further than Estwing!

personalised estwing tools 

FAQs about Personalized Hammer for Father's Day

Q: What type of hammer should I choose for my dad?

A: It depends on your dad’s interests and needs. If he’s into woodworking, a claw hammer or a mallet hammer would be a good choice. If he’s into metalworking, a ball-peen hammer would be more suitable.

Q: How long does it take to receive a personalized hammer?

A: It depends on the company and the shipping method you choose. Some companies offer expedited shipping for an additional fee, while others may take a few weeks to process the order.

Q: What other DIY projects can I make for Father’s Day?

A: There are many DIY projects you can make for Father’s Day, such as a custom photo frame, a personalized keychain, or a hand-painted mug. The possibilities are endless, and the more personalized the gift is, the more meaningful it will be for your dad.

Q: How do I care for an engraved hammer?

A: The care instructions for an engraved wooden hammer depend on the materials used. If the hammer is made of metal, you should wipe it clean with a damp cloth after each use to prevent rust. If the hammer has a wooden handle, you should oil the handle periodically to keep it from drying out.

 A personalised hammer made by us, featuring text and vector engraving

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